Em Carter Hypnotherapy


I had some physical health issues, that led to a mental and further physical breakdown. Through various avenues, I received psychotherapy to help me cope. It all helped, but it wasn't until I was introduced by a friend to Em Carter to help me through hypnotherapy, especially with sleeping issues I was having, that things really turned around for me. It didn't take long for the sessions to start making their mark on my road to recovery. I was given tools by Em to help me cope with anxiety, sleep and stress. In total I saw Em for around two months and have to say that not only does she have the skills to help you with what ever life throws at you, but she's an amazing person, who listens with compassion and without judgement. She's always got her trusty box of tissues handy if things get a little emotional! I wouldn't hesitate to refer Em to anyone needing emotional and mental support in their lives, especially if you're in a bad place. She's guaranteed to bring you back to a place of happiness and sunshine.
Mike K.
I asked Em for help with my golf and especially my chipping and putting as I had lost all my confidence in these parts of the game. I am a single-figure handicap golfer so I need to be good at the short game. After a few weeks both my short and long game have been transformed as I found the techniques worked for all the game. From losing every week I am now on a winning streak (yes I know winning is not everything but the game is much more fun when you are playing well). The techniques are simple but effective, and could easily be worked into my pre-shot routine. Em's approach was great - she spent a good amount of time understanding what I wanted to improve (and why), and also how I would feel if I played well and started winning again. Em also wanted to know how I felt when playing well and helped me recreate than feeling. Having custom made audio recordings just for me is brilliant, especially since Em asked me to give her the scenarios and vocabulary that would mean the most to me and have the greatest positive effect. So thanks to Em I am now enjoying my golf again, and playing much, much better - so if you want to make improvements at a sport of activity then I highly recommend Em.
Chris W
I initially sought Em's advice in helping me deal with some uncomfortable dynamics within my family (specifically mother and sister). Em is extremely sympathetic and professional and has a very warm and calm manner. I had not experienced hypnotherapy before and was slightly nervous about it, but she very quickly explained the psychology behind it and why it is thought to be helpful and I soon felt very much at ease. Not only did we explore different methods of hypnotherapy, but Em is equipped with and very well versed in a number of 'tools' to help deal with various 'awkward' situations, from anxiety to insomnia and even helped me use some clever tips to deal with my teenage daughter more calmly. I felt that Em really cared about my progress and she was constantly emailing me articles or websites which she thought may help or interest me. Through our work together, she has identified some behaviour and habits within my family and we have worked on some techniques. It has been extremely helpful to me.
Kate M.