Em Carter Hypnotherapy

Managing Depression

Many people believe if someone is depressed they are feeling sad and should just ‘snap out of it’. However, anyone who has experienced depression knows that it goes a lot deeper than this. People who suffer from depression can feel hopelessness, fatigue, have aches and pains, worry constantly and experience all-or-nothing thinking. Feeling exhausted when you wake up, having disrupted sleep, becoming emotional for no apparent reason, being short-tempered or irritable are not uncommon. You may be experiencing all of these, or just a few, and it may be affecting your life, and that of those around you. Depression can also affect our immune system and all the natural processes the body and mind use to maintain good physical and mental order.

How can hypnotherapy help?

If you’re feeling emotional, trapped, hopeless, exhausted, constantly worried, or suffering from aches and pains for no physical reason, hypnotherapy can help get you back to where you want to be.  

While anti-depressants may help with the symptoms of depression (but don’t stop relapses and can have side-effects), hypnotherapy helps with finding the actual cause and root of negative talk, worry, stress and bad habits, and releases any suppressed emotions or memories which are negatively limiting the mind. 

During hypnosis the subconscious is then reprogrammed to become more supportive by providing it with improved coping mechanisms, new ways of thinking and better ways of dealing with events that previously triggered depressive episodes.

Using hypnotherapy, CBT and other psychotherapy techniques, I work with my clients to understand the cycle of depression, examine thought patterns and solve problems while also providing emotional support and the skills necessary to avoid depression in the future. 

Please be reassured that whilst in hypnosis, you are always in control and are never made to do anything that you feel uncomfortable about. 

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