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Controlling Weight

We can have complex relationships with food and weight. Many diets do work – for a bit- and then the weight comes back on or off again, leaving us feeling frustrated, stressed, guilty, disappointed and with low self-esteem. So what next? Go on another diet and sure enough, the same thing happens, hence the term ‘yo-yo’ dieting. This is not a sustainable approach to maintaining a healthy weight.

Today, there is so much information out there about exercise and nutrition and how to maintain a healthy weight, but why do so many of us find it’s just not that simple? It’s because we aren’t addressing the feelings we have about food, and why some of us overeat, and some of us don’t eat at all. 

Often a weight issue is a symptom of something else, such as stress, anxiety or low self-esteem. And if it’s not dealt with, it can have a negative impact on the quality of our own life, as well as our relationships, work and our everyday life. 


How can hypnotherapy help?

With hypnotherapy we work with the unconscious part of our mind which drives eating habits such as comfort eating, having a sweet tooth, snacking, and restricting our intake of some, or all, foods.Hypnotherapy helps us find the reasons for these negative eating patterns.

The use of hypnotherapy to control weight is widely accepted and increasingly successful. When combined with a healthy eating plan and an exercise regime, hypnotherapy can help you change your beliefs and assumptions about food and, if needed, about exercise. Hypnotherapy helps control and rewire your thinking so you become more mindful about your habits and make healthier choices in the long term. You will feel more positive and will even enjoy your new routine. 

During a hypnotherapy session, the stress response is relaxed as the mind and body are both relaxed. This alone has both mental and physical benefits. I can work with your subconscious to replace the unmanageable stress or anxiety response with a calmer reaction. Using positive suggestions and other techniques, I can show the unconscious new ways of dealing with events that previously caused anxiety or panic.

Please be reassured that whilst in hypnosis, you are always in control and are never made to do anything that you feel uncomfortable about.

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